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11:03am 11/01/2010

Let's just keep this a secret then, alright?  Ask to be added.

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01:03pm 08/02/2007

Originally uploaded by fleutopia.
Testing from Buenos Aires


The new house yay   
01:41pm 12/06/2006
  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Crafty living room art

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I am done!   
11:39am 09/05/2006
  I year of grad school down! I turned in my last 25 page research paper (0f 3) yesterday. It's gone really fast and I can't believe I only have 6 more classes to take. I hope they're better than the ones I've taken so far.

In other news, I move next weekend hooray.
But I won't be getting free cable anymore and I'm PISSED about how much cable costs. Why do I have to pay $50 a month for basic cable that has commercials I have to watch?? It's a total monopoly and I'm set on stealing it somehow. Either via cable modem or paying some dude to shimmy up a pole. Or I'll try living without TV but I really like watching SOME TV.

Josh's job is covering the cable industry now and he says in the next 2 years there will be competition. Finally.

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03:13pm 05/05/2006

Kofi Annon spoke at GW this morning on the relationship between the US and the UN, and was awarded an honorary degree (I wonder how many of those he has....). It was pretty inspiring. I also got to sit 5th row amongst the various Ambassadors that attended because I'm GW staff and those are the perks.

It made me remember how much I want to do work in International Orgs, and the UN specifically. So perhaps New York is in my future....

DC is cool sometimes.


this old house   
04:21pm 03/05/2006
  We got the big old house and we're taking it. Signing the lease in the next couple days. Exciting stuff, but how am I going to fill 12' long by 10' high bookshelves?? Ideas welcomed.  

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House Hunters continued.....   
09:51am 28/04/2006
  We looked at a couple more places yesterday:

1. Right on Calvert street, pretty much our ideal location. But small, dumpy, gross, dirty, lame. $1200

2. Close to our house now in Mt. Pleasant, but 2-3 blocks closer to our bus lines. Bottom floor of a HUGE old (1890?) row house. Living room with huge bay windows, one huge wall of built in bookshelves, pocket doors to another (huge) common/dining room, smallish oldish kitchen, medium sized bedroom, closet bathroom (but with a tub!). Original hardwood floors, servant stairs that go to nowhere, tons of light and character. Washer/Dryer in unit, patio out back, room for gardening. The woman that owns it is straight granola, fixing up the house herself. An amazing old space that could have old problems. No central A/C, just window. Location is slightly better than now, but still out of the way. $1550 plus electric, cable.

So we're really considering #2. We decided to sleep on it. I know we'd be happy there, but it's at the top of our budget and the location, while I love Mt. Pleasant, is still out of the way. But the sort of bohemian feeling of the building is cool - no more worrying about being too loud when we come home at 11pm and whatnot. And I think of how cool it would look with the walls painted bright colors and my art.... and all the books in the bookcase...

Another place was listed last night for $1280 in a better location, with W/D, patio, all utils included. SO I'm sort of hoping I can see that TONIGHT, it has everything we're looking for and it's cheap.

It's just so hard to pull the trigger. Who knows if the market will be flooded with tons of the perfect apartment after May 1? *sigh*

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What a douchebag   
12:43pm 25/04/2006
  "WASHINGTON - President Bush on Tuesday ordered a temporary suspension of environmental rules for gasoline, making it easier for refiners to meet demand and possibly dampen prices at the pump. He also halted for the summer the purchase of crude oil for the government's emergency reserve. Bush also announced steps to ease environmental standards governing fuel grades."

In the same speech he talks about how important it is we get off our addiction to oil because of its high emissions, and reliance on foreign sources. He suggests we move forward on ethanol (which, by the way, uses so much water in processing it may not be worth it), and hydrogen cars. Mixed signals if I ever saw them -- "fuck the environment to make gas cheaper!" "I want to save the environment with magic cars!"

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02:41pm 21/04/2006
ENFP - The Champion
You scored 90% I to E, 42% N to S, 14% F to T, and 57% J to P!
Your type is known as the Champion type, which is part of the larger group called idealists. Nothing occurs that does not have some deep and ethical significance in your eyes. You see life as an exciting drama. You are very charismatic, yet tend to be too harsh on yourself for not being as genuine as you think you should be. 3% of the population shares your type.
As a romantic partner, you need to talk about what is going on in your life. You are a strong supporter for your partner's efforts to grow and change and be happy. You need to feel that same support from your partner. Expressive, optimistic, and curious, you are eager to enjoy new experiences with your partner, whom you wish to be your confidant and soul mate, as well as play mate. You are uncomfortable sharing negative emotion, though, and tend to withdraw from confrontation and process your feelings privately. You feel most loved when your partner appreciates your creativity, accepts your uniqueness, and sees you as the compassionate person you are. You need to hear your partner tell you how much you mean to them and would love if they did thoughtful spontaneous things to demonstrate it.
Your group summary: idealists (NF)
Your type summary: ENFP

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Josh started a blog   
09:25am 03/03/2006

"In the name of poking fun at our nation's legislative process, I offer bestofcongress.blogspot.com for your perusal. I'm on the Hill at least three days a week so if you like what you see, check back frequently. If you really like what you see, pass it along to someone else. Either way, I'll continue to post fresh quotes right up until I find a better job."

but he still doesn't know about mine.

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It's really happening   
09:31am 23/02/2006
  South Dakata outlawed abortion to force a USSC decision.

I hope the court realizes if they overturn Roe V. Wade this country will riot. I will riot.

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no real updates   
01:12pm 16/02/2006
  Just Johari:



He still doesn't get it   
11:20am 12/12/2005
  Bush just said "we're taking the fight to those who attacked us."

I'm sorry.... I'm pretty sure we still haven't captured Bin Laden, and as far as I know, we're not at war with Saudi Arabia?

And we wonder why half the country thinks Iraq attacked us.

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08:19pm 10/12/2005
  Josh says he's going to quit on Monday. I don't believe him, but I hope he does. We started talking about our Road Trip, and the fact he doesn't NEED a reporting job, he just needs to make money somehow. He could easily temp and/or wait tables. So yeah, send vibes.  

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12:41am 10/12/2005
  I'm sure you all know how I feel about the Stan Tookie Williams case, but I feel a responsibility to weigh in. There has been a build up to this moment for years. He was a client of ours at my office in California, and "what will happen when Tookie's date is set" was always on the table. We knew it would create a media frenzy, and here it is.

In many ways, this case doesn't outrage me as much as Kevin Cooper's, in which it seemed really possible that he was innocent. I don't think Tookie is innocent. And I don't think any of the men on death row "deserve to die" at the hands of the state. So perhaps I don't present that compelling of an argument.

But to kill a man, when he is productively and proactively affecting positive change, literally preventing others from killing and from leading a life of violence, makes no sense. There's six hundred and forty odd guys on death row in California, and this is the guy they're picking?

Schwarzenneger is in a bit of a pickle because his ratings are so low, and either way he goes, he will be chastised for it. But the way I see it, his die-hards are going to stick by him, and he might actually surprise some people and gain some ground by granting clemency. Also, he's got some riots on his hands to worry about if the execution happens, and that's not a legacy he's looking for.

Ultimately, my prediction is that this execution will not happen, not on Tuesday. Either clemency will be granted, or the court will intervene. Californians love doling out the death penalty, but they don't particularly like executions. 12 in 25 years so far... and they already executed Beardslee earlier this year so I really don't see it happening.

But if it does -- riots. I hadn't thought of this before, but the LA Times discussed it in an article, and I really think it could get ugly. He's the founder of the Crips for chrissakes. Also, levels of dissatisfaction (especially among Black communities) with the government are very high right now in the wake of the response to Katrina. I also think some momentum from the France riots could be a factor. Maybe not Watts serious, but Rodney King serious for sure.

You should all check out the clemency petition here http://www.cm-p.com/pdf/executiveclemency.pdf It's pretty amazing.

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7 songs I'm into now meme   
11:40pm 09/12/2005
  Straight from the Ipod most played list:

Too Cold -- Roots Manuva
Spanish Bombs -- The Clash
Extraordinary Machine -- Fiona Apple
Every Little Thing -- The Police
O Grande Amor -- Getz/Gilberto
Kinky Reggae -- Bob Marley
Modern Romance -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs


I didn't even know there was a Christmas Controversy!   
11:23pm 07/12/2005
  I'm watching the Daily Show, they just had a funny segment about The O'Reilly Factor, he said Merry Christmas, Jon Stewart! ...

Oh nevermind, just watch it on www.comedycentral.com tomorrow.

Apparently, Christians are advocating boycotting stores that say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" because they believe somehow the secular left is going to do away with Christmas. Jeez it's like never eating Chinese food again because they celebrate a different New Year than us "Real Americans."

Or watch it on TV tonight. See what typical ridiculousness Billy O is spouting lately below. My bolding for emphasis on extra sillyness. Italics me.

most disorganized post ever.

What Christmas Controversy?
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
By Bill O'Reilly

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My lobbying job is over. The results:   
11:51am 07/12/2005
  Congress of the United States
House of Representatives

December 6, 2005
DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy
Drug Enforcement Administration
Mailstop: AXS
2401 Jefferson Davis Highway
Alexandria, VA 2230

Dear Administrator Tandy,

We are writing to express our strong support for the application from Professor Craker, of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, for licensing as a bulk manufacturer of marijuana for distribution exclusively to federally-approved researchers. We believe DEA licensing of Prof. Craker's privately-funded facility would be in the public interest.

At present, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has an unjustifiable monopoly on the production of marijuana for legitimate medical and research purposes in the United States, grown under contract to NIDA at the University of Mississippi. Federal law clearly requires adequate competition in the manufacture of Schedule I and II substances. (See 2 1 U.S.C. 5 823(a)(1); see also 21 C.F.R. 5 130 1.33(b).) The licensing of Prof. Craker's facility would provide privately-funded sponsors of FDA-approved research the necessary opportunity to conduct studies with a strain of marijuana of their own choosing, with immediate access to that strain for all FDA-approved studies and for possible prescription use. None of this is the case under NIDA's monopoly. Until an alternative source of supply is available, important privately-funded research into the therapeutic effects of marijuana for patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, or other diseases will not be initiated.

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is one of the nation's distinguished research universities, and it is highly qualified to manufacture marijuana for legitimate medical and research purposes with effective controls against diversion. NIDA's monopoly makes very little sense given that the DEA has licensed privately-funded manufacturers of virtually all other Schedule I drugs, including LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), and psilocybin.

As one of your predecessors, DEA Administrator Robert Bonner, stated, "Those who insist that marijuana has medical uses would serve society better by promoting or
sponsoring more legitimate scientific research, rather than throwing their time, money and rhetoric into lobbying, public relations campaigns and perennial litigation." We urge you to grant Prof. Craker's application for registration as a bulk manufacturer so that such legitimate and privately-funded scientific research can be conducted.

John W. Olver
Member of Congress

Capuano, Frank, Kucinich, Baldwin, Pastor, Lee, Farr, Hinchey, Paul, Jackson-Lee, McGovern, Grijalva, McDermott, Lewis (GA), Schakowsky, Jesse Jackson Jr., DeFazio, Lofgren, Oberstar, Maloney, Woolsey, Tierney, Conyers, Wexler, Waxman, Sabo, Miller, Price (NC). DeLauro, Rohrabacher, Stark, Andrews, Brown (OH), Towns, Moran (VA), Honda, Nadler

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it's beginning to look a lot like...   
01:07am 05/12/2005
  3-5 inches of snow accumulating in the next 2 days! I've never lived anywhere where snow actually accumulates! How exciting!  

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DC Scenery   
03:30pm 04/12/2005
  I took pictures running around the mall yesterday: