Fired up on free will (axiomatic1) wrote,
Fired up on free will

House Hunters continued.....

We looked at a couple more places yesterday:

1. Right on Calvert street, pretty much our ideal location. But small, dumpy, gross, dirty, lame. $1200

2. Close to our house now in Mt. Pleasant, but 2-3 blocks closer to our bus lines. Bottom floor of a HUGE old (1890?) row house. Living room with huge bay windows, one huge wall of built in bookshelves, pocket doors to another (huge) common/dining room, smallish oldish kitchen, medium sized bedroom, closet bathroom (but with a tub!). Original hardwood floors, servant stairs that go to nowhere, tons of light and character. Washer/Dryer in unit, patio out back, room for gardening. The woman that owns it is straight granola, fixing up the house herself. An amazing old space that could have old problems. No central A/C, just window. Location is slightly better than now, but still out of the way. $1550 plus electric, cable.

So we're really considering #2. We decided to sleep on it. I know we'd be happy there, but it's at the top of our budget and the location, while I love Mt. Pleasant, is still out of the way. But the sort of bohemian feeling of the building is cool - no more worrying about being too loud when we come home at 11pm and whatnot. And I think of how cool it would look with the walls painted bright colors and my art.... and all the books in the bookcase...

Another place was listed last night for $1280 in a better location, with W/D, patio, all utils included. SO I'm sort of hoping I can see that TONIGHT, it has everything we're looking for and it's cheap.

It's just so hard to pull the trigger. Who knows if the market will be flooded with tons of the perfect apartment after May 1? *sigh*
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